The EMS Accounting System program cost is $500. This includes the complete program, optional free setup with the EAC Submissions Clearinghouse, and your first year's annual support.

Following the first year, there is a mandatory Annual Support Fee. The Annual Support Fee includes all program updates, regulatory changes, user training and support from Avocation Software.

Annual Support fees are as follows:

  • Customers who file only paper claims......................... $150
  • Customers who file electronic claims.......................... $250

A key element of The EMS Accounting System is the optional integrated EAC Submissions Clearinghouse. EAC Submissions specializes in ambulance claims and is fully integrated with The EMS Accounting System, allowing for claims to be submitted directly from the program with reports and ERA's being returned back. The user can choose which payers they want to submit to electronically instead of printing CMS 1500 forms.

When EAC Submissions receives a batch of claims, each claim will be checked for proper formatting for the payer being submitted to. A report is returned to the user that documents the result of these checks with any claims that need to be corrected being returned with an error message indicating the correction needed.

Claims that pass the EAC Submissions error-checking are passed on to their payers and generate a 30 cent fee which is billed-out by EAC Submissions semi-annually. There is no charge for claims that fail the error-checking and are returned for correction.

Upon purchase of the system, you will be invoiced for the cost of the program. Terms are net 30 days unless you advise us of special circumstances (we understand the delays that can occur with board approval situations...this is not a problem).

We also can supply invoice forms, envelopes, and HCFA 1500 forms for use with the program.